Subsea MC212 Underwater Cleaning Unit

Ordering Codes: MC212

The MC212 underwater cleaning unit has a track record of over 30 years of service. The twin tool unit consists of two halves connected by a hinge joint and is designed for cleaning light and heavy marine fouling from offshore oil & gas platforms, jetties, piles, windmills and other curved structures as well as middle sized ships.

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The equipment has a self-balancing feature, which allows the operator to use the tool safely and effortlessly for extended periods.

The MC212 was for instance used to clean jetty piles in the harbor of Terneuzen, Holland. The jetty piles were cleaned from the waterline down to 10 meters below the surface. Very heavy marine growth of over 40 cm thick and consisting of oysters was removed. The removal of these very thick layers of marine fouling proved to be no problem at all for this cleaning unit.

Besides being ideal to clean curved surfaces, the MC212 is also a very good choice when cleaning middle sized ships fast and efficiently. The unit combines the maneuverability and flexibility of our smaller machines with a cleaning rate closer to our largest unit.

Like all our cleaning equipment, The MC212 is sold separately or supplied with a complete support system including umbilical, tools and hydraulic power unit. The unit is packaged in a compact and durable case on wheels that allows for easy transportation.


  • Dimensions
  • Length : 450 mm
  • Width : 800 mm
  • Height : 250 mm
  • Weight in air : 23 kg
  • Weight in sea water : 1 kg buoyant
  • Cleaning rate : 450 m²/hour
  • Depth rating : 70 m
  • Hydraulic Requirement : 40ltr/min @ 140 bar

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