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Divers Subsea MPI Unit – System 12

Ordering Code: SYSTEM12

The System 12 MPI unit is a compact, battery-powered system, ideal for use in shallow water or splash zone applications. Based on the field-proven System 3 unit, this portable unit offers powerful performance from a very small package.

Diver control for the UV Lamp and Magnetic Yoke, and onboard power source means no umbilical connection to the surface is required and the system is supplied with a battery charger and purge pump for safe recharging of the power supply unit.

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  • Ideal for shallow water, tidal and splash zone applications
  • Up to 4 hours operation
  • DC Electromagnetic Yoke
  • Powerful UV Lamp
  • Ink delivery options: air-powered, hand pump or surface feed
  • Pressure tested to 600ft water depth
  • Battery charger
  • Purge pump air delivery during charging – vents any charging gases
  • Safe 12 V DC power source
  • Available as a lamp only unit for use with Permanent Magnets.

We can supply MiGlow, Johnson & Allen and Magnaflux inks and consumables for use with all underwater MPI equipment. For more options available for the Subsea MPI Unit – System 12 and spare parts, please contact our office.

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