Divers Subsea MPI Unit – System 3

Ordering Code: SYSTEM3

The System 3 is a field-proven subsea MPI unit with an impressive track record.

Three modes of magnetisation are available with total control from the stainless-steel housed topside unit. Offering complete flexibility, AC or HWDC magnetisation can be are selected.

The in-built safety features including earth leakage trips and surface isolation transformer, giving the operator peace of mind when using the System 3 in the most arduous conditions.

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  • Three magnetising techniques – Prod, Yoke and Coil
  • Demagnetising function
  • AC and HWDC magnetising
  • 10L, quick-release ink reservoir
  • Continuous ink agitation
  • Operates from 110, 220, 380 or 440 V AC power supplies
  • Available with high quality, subsea umbilical lengths up to 300M as standard
  • Stainless steel umbilical hand-winch
  • Powerful UV Lamp has a 6M, combined ink delivery and power umbilical
  • Safe 12V DC power source
  • Conforms to national and international standards

We can supply MiGlow, Johnson & Allen and Magnaflux inks and consumables for use with all underwater MPI equipment. For more options available for the Subsea MPI Unit – System 3 and spare parts, please contact our office.

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