Aquacom STX-101SBR Rack Mount Surface Unit

for BELL-200 (25kHz Only)

Ordering Code: 900281-007

The STX-101SBR 25/33 kHz, 19″ Rack Mount Military Surface Station.

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Features STX101SBR STX-101SB
Nominal Range 200-6000m* 200-6000m*
Channels 2

Low-Frequency version

Ch. A: 8.0875 kHz USB

Ch. B: 11 kHz LSB


High-frequency version

Ch. A: 25 kHz USB

Ch. B: 32.768 kHz USB



8.0875 kHz USB


25 kHz USB

Output Power (watts) 70 70
External Power Source 24 VDC @ min. 10 amps 12 VDC @ min. 4 amps
Microphone/Speakers Hand held; dynamic, 100-1000

ohm / heavy duty front panel

speaker with on/off control

Hand held; dynamic, 200 ohm / heavy duty front panel speaker with on/off control
Battery Type n/a Supplied with (2) RB-6V rechargeable batteries — Do Not Use Alkaline
Battery Life (10% duty cycle) n/a 6 hrs
Dimensions (W x H x D) Height: 3.50″

Width: 18.4” between center’s of

Mounting holes

17” case width

Depth: 8.00” (mounting brackets)


14” x 6.5” x 10.60”

12 lbs

Specification Comparison of STX-101SB and STX-101SBR Units

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