Stanley IW24 Underwater Impact Wrench

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The Stanley IW24 underwater impact wrench is a 1-1/2″ square drive tool with adjustable impact intensity,

The Stanley IW24 hydraulic underwater impact wrench is the largest model in the range with a 1-1/2″ square drive and adjustable impact intensity of 1088-4760Nm with forward and reverse rotation. The adjustable impact intensity of the IW24 makes it ideal for a wide range of underwater heavy duty driving. Used by commercial divers for underwater nut and bolt running plus anchor bolt driving and other heavy-duty underwater applications.

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The large “D” handle and feathering trigger are convenient and gives the commercial diver complete control of the underwater impact wrench. The rugged swing-hammer impact mechanism provides easy servicing for reduced maintenance costs and greatly reduces the transmission of torque to the commercial diver which helps reduce fatigue.

The Stanley IW24 impact wrench does not comes complete with couplings but these can be supplied along with hose whips.


  • Stainless Steel spools & fasteners
  • D Style Handle
  • Adjustable impact intensity
  • Cast-in lifting eye


Weight : 19.5 kg
Brand : Stanley
Power Type : Hydraulic
Capacity : 1088-4760 Nm
Fitting : 1½” square drive
Hydraulic Flow : 26-45 lpm
Pressure : 124-140
Coupling : No
Port Size : -8 SAE O Ring

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