PG03 Underwater Peanut Grinder

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The PG03 underwater die grinder is used by commercial divers for weld inspection and other precise grinding jobs.

The PG03 underwater grinder has been developed to be compact and light making it ideal for grinding welds and performing intricate maintenance tasks. The PG03 underwater die grinder has a 6mm collet which means it can use rotary burrs, flap wheels, micro cut off wheels and mounted points etc.

The tool can operate over a wide flow range (15-40lpm) meaning it can run off almost any hydraulic circuit. In addition, the new PG03 comes with a removable guard for extra safety. The power-to-weight ratio of the PG03 brings even the toughest jobs down to size making a great tool for commercial divers.

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  • Compact and light
  • Adjustable guard
  • Wide range of accessories


Weight : 2.5 kg
Power Type : Hydraulic
Capacity : 6mm Collet
Hydraulic Flow lpm : 15-40
Pressure : 138
Coupling : Yes
Port Size : -8 SAE O Ring

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