Stanley DS11 Underwater Diamond Chainsaw

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Stanley DS11 diamond chainsaw for underwater concrete cutting.

The Stanley DS11 underwater saw can cut concrete (including wire or rebar reinforced), brick, concrete block, masonry or stone. Square corners can be achieved without over-cuts removing the expense of corner drilling and patching. Especially important where drawings and engineers have specified no over-cut so stength is maintained. With the ability to plunge cut using the Stanley Underwater Diamond Chainsaw DS11 it is possible to notch and trim underwater concrete pipes and any other concrete, brick or stone accurately. This Stanley DS11 is Quiet and smooth, powerful and rugged. Stanley hydraulic concrete chain saws are built for the professional concrete cutter. With features that include a built-in Wallwalker for easier cutting, trigger activated valve for on-demand water, and a bespoke Stanley Hyrevz motor.

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The DS11 can be fitted with either 38cm (15″) or 46cm (18″) bars and chains and is suitable for cutting out apertures, sections or for demolition work. The Stanley DS11 can be used in conjunction with a rail system called Speedhook, this would make the tool much easier to use in low visibility or heavy currents.


  • Cuts square corners without over-cuts and the labor and expense of corner drilling and patching
  • Capable of Plunge cuts
  • Ergonomic handles and guards help to reduce commercial diver fatigue
  • Powered by a Stanley Hyrevz™ motor
  • The Wall Walker™ that provides leverage for cutting is standard equipment


Weight : 12.7 kg
Brand : Stanley
Power Type : Hydraulic
Capacity : 450mm (18”) Depth of cut
Hydraulic Flow lpm : 45
Pressure : 70-140 bar
Coupling : Yes

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