Spitznas Hydraulic Reciprocating Saw RS14

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The Spitznas hydraulic reciprocating saw RS14 is a hydraulically driven saw ideal for a wide range of applications, including underwater plus nuclear and other hazardous industries.

The RS14 saw is a versatile reciprocating saw designed for the toughest use in refineries and chemical plants to utilities and construction industry plus the offshore oil industry as well as a number of demolition applications. Available as either the lever trigger or twist trigger version and is designed for cutting pipe up to 24” (600mm) tanks, structural steel, profiles suitable for a number of materials such as Steel, alloys, plastics, glass fibre, hard rubber etc.

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Ideal for cutting in confined spaces and can accommodate blades up to 37” (940mm) long. There is an optional saw blade guide available to increase blade stability plus there are manual and automatic pipe clamps available. The Sptiznas RS14 reciprocating saw requires a minimum hydraulic flow of 15 lpm is required to achieve correct performance of the saw. However, it can be connected to supplies of up to 50lpm as the tool has an in-built flow by-pass which will divert the excess oil back along the return line.

These hydraulic hacksaws can be used freehand or can be used with a pipe clamp or a clamp and bow guide for larger diameter pipes up-to 600mm. The Spitznas hydraulic reciprocating saws are Atex approved, with group I and II models available for zones 1 and zones 2 and have very low vibration and noise levels.


  • Safety lever trigger
  • Support Handle
  • Wide range of blades
  • ATEX Approved
  • Fitting for various clamp supports


Weight : 6.1 kg
Brand : Spitznas
Power Type : Hydraulic
Capacity : 600 mm
Hydraulic Flow lpm : 15-50
Pressure : 140 bar
Coupling : Yes
Port Size : M18 x 1.5

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