IMCA D037, 3-Diver Portable Nitrox Panel in a Pelican Case

Synergy designed and manufactured a versatile IMCA D037 compliant, three diver portable mixed gas diving panel with or without diver CCTV system, incorporated in a Pelican case for ease of transportation. The panel has independent HP lines for each diver, a common LP line and two common mixed gas lines. The green engraved fascia panel includes colour coded depth gauges, valves and flow lines, per diver. Individual gas analyser’s with flowmeters are also provided for each diver.

The Pelican case incorporated a split screen monitor and individual video / light surface control unit. A primary 1TB hard drive recorder with USB and HDMI out is used for initial video recordings and a secondary 1TB hard drive unit is installed as a back-up unit.

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  • Three diver nitrox panel
  • Green engraved panel fascia
  • Colour coded depth gauges, valves and flow lines, per diver
  • Independent HP lines per diver
  • Common LP Line
  • Common Mix Gas 1 line
  • Common Mix Gas 2 line
  • Individual Analyser with flow meter per diver
  • Digital amp/voltmeter to show incoming power supply
  • Colour backlit touch buttons for low light visibility
  • Primary 1TB hard drive recorder with USB and HDMI outlet
  • Secondary backup 1TB hard drive recorder
  • Client Logo embossed on panel
  • All connections are from behind the panel


  • IMCA D037 & D018 Compliant Certification Package
  • FEMA for Complete System
  • Bureau Veritas Class witness certification for entire system

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