Three Diver Scuba Replacement Package (SRP)

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SRP c/w IMCA offshore three diver panel, radio & 1 diver CCTV

SRP c/w IMCA offshore three diver panel, radio & 2 diver CCTV

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Three Diver Scuba Replacement Package

Synergy designed scuba replacement packages (SRP) are one of the most popular products and have been well received in the diving industry. The SRP frame is fabricated using corrosion resistant SS 304 stainless steel which houses a choice of six 50ltr steel or composite breathing air cylinders, which are connected directly to the air management panel with air charging point. This is then connected to the three-diver panel for diver air supply. Certified lifting points and forklift pockets are fitted as standard, for ease of lifting and transportation. Support brackets are also standard supply for the storage of diver umbilical.

The versatile three diver air diving panel which includes Amron radio and CCTV system, has been designed to be compact, user friendly and incorporated within a Pelican case. The air diving panel includes two easy to read, diver pneumo gauges, HP & LP gauges, regulators, and crossovers valves between diver 1, diver 2 & diver 3. Test point are also fitted on the front of the panel to allow for calibration of the pneumo gauges without the requirement to remove the gauges from the panel within the Pelican case.

The scuba replacement package can be supplied with either one, two or three diver Outland CCTV system for control of underwater video & light. Mini DVR’s utilizing 32GB SD card are included for recording diver images and the recordings are also backed up onto the 1TB HDD. A USB out port, allows easy transfer of files onto a USB drive. Using the HDMI out, permits mirror images to be viewed on a remote laptop or on a remote monitor when using a HDMI cable. The CCTV panel is also fitted with volt & amp meter and colour touch on/off controls, provide good visibility during low light conditions and the whole system can be run on either 220vac or 12vdc.


  • All Stainless Steel 304 construction, four diagonal lifting points with ringed pad eyes and fork lift slots.
  • Dedicated lifting slings, certified, provided with SRP
  • 6 x 50ltr x 200 bar Steel or lightweight Composite Cylinders
  • Air Management Panel, connecting all air supplies from cylinders to panel and charging line
  • 3 Breathing Air Supply lines per diver (2 x HP & 1 x LP)
  • Cross-over provided between Diver 1 / Diver 2 / Diver 3Inlet & Outlet fittings – (option available for side or rear entry/exit of the panel)
  • 3 x Pneumo Gauges – Rated 0-50 MSW
  • Amron Three Diver Radio
  • Outland Video / Light Control Unit (option for 1, 2 or 3 diver system)
  • Mini DVR with 32GD SD card provided for each diver
  • 1TB Hard Drive for secondary back-up recording
  • USB Out
  • HDMI Out
  • 17” TFT Waterproof Monitor with Remote Control
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • Voltage / Amp Meter


  • DESIGN for Mobile/Portable Surface Supplied Systems IMCA D 040
  • IMCA D040 & D018 Compliant Certification Package
  • FMEA for Complete System
  • Bureau Veritas Class witness certification for the entire system

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SY-3D-D040SRP-R-1DV, SY-3D-D040SRP-R-2DV

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