Bauer Marina 320E Breathing Air Compressor

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Bauer Breathing Air Compressor Systems are the gold standard for firefighting, diving, military, offshore, industrial and medical applications where reliable ultra-pure breathing air is required to maintain life safety. Each product within our breathing air portfolio is specifically designed for the end user application ranging from small mobile systems to very large stationary systems.

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Thanks to the extensive range of BAUER accessories, the MARINER 320 can be customised to meet all manner of different requirements and intended uses. Suitable for use as a diving compressor, shipping compressor, for installation in yachts, as a fire service compressor, paintball compressor and in many other applications.

When used in conjunction with original BAUER filter cartridges, the P31 filter system with integrated oil and water separator and pressure retention check valve can be relied upon for breathing air treatment conforming to DIN EN 12021¹. A type-tested and sealed final pressure safety valve enables particularly high levels of operational safety to be achieved.


  • 3 Cylinder, 4-stage compressor block
  • Micronic intake filter
  • Intercooler/aftercooler
  • Intermediate pressure safety valves after every pressure stage
  • Working Pressure: 225 or 330 bar (MARINA 320: optionally also up to 420 bar)
  • Charging Rate*: 320 l/min
  • Filtration: P31
  • Power Drive: Electric Motor, 400V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 7.5kW
  • Dimensions: L: 1300mm x W: 650mm x H: 700mm
  • Net Weight: 154 kg

*Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar, ±5%


  • Larger P41 Purification system
  • SECURIS – Electronic filter cartridge saturation control
  • Additional Intermediate Separator, after 1st Stage
  • Compressor Control (PROFI-LINE)
  • B-TIMER filter cartridge lifetime monitoring system
  • Automatic Condensate Drain
  • Switch-over device for 330/225 bar
  • Trolley
  • B-KOOL refrigeration dryer
  • Other voltages/frequencies
  • Nitrox models available


  • CE declaration of conformity, pressure vessel certificates

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