Bauer Breathing Air Compressor Model: PE100-TW

Ordering Code: PE100-TW

The PE 100 is by far the most compact and lowest-weight system in the PE series. Available in three drive types (petrol engine, three-phase motor or single-phase AC motor), it is ideal for a wide range of applications on land or sea or vehicles.

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Compact in design yet delivering charging rates of up to 300 l/min, PE-TE/TB Series compressors are easy to transport and load into vehicles. The oil pump allows the compressor to be operated at inclinations of up to 15 degrees, so that this series is also suitable for shipping applications.


  • 3 stage, air-cooled, oil lubricated, reciprocating piston compressor
  • Working Pressure: 225 – 330 bar
  • Charging Rate*: 100 l/min
  • Cfm 5
  • Filtration: P11
  • Power Drive: Single-phase 220 V, 50 Hz
  • kW 2
  • Dimensions: L: 66cm x W: 35cm x H: 42cm
  • Approx Net Weight: 44 kg

*Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar, ±5%


  • Motor protection switch for PE 100-TE
  • Intake telescope (standard with PE 100-TB)

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