Aquacom BELL-200 Backup System

Ordering Code: 900126-000

Bell back up system (25 kHz transducer). Transducer included (70 watts).

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Nominal Range: 200-6000m*
Frequency: 25 kHz upper sideband (optional 8.0875 kHz upper sideband available)
Output Power 70 watts
Automatic Gain: 100 dB dynamic range
Controls: Volume, Push-to-Talk, Fuse (spare/main), Power On/Off.
Speaker: Heavy duty front panel or optional headset with boom microphone
LEDs: Green for Power ON, Yellow for Xmit.
Operating Depth: Transducer: 2000 fsw (Bell-200 is for dry environments only)
Supply Voltage: 24 VDC @ 10 amps, minimum
Dimensions: Height: 4.75″, Width: 10.25″ (OVL width with knobs & connects), Depth: 4.40″ Weight: 4.5 lbs.

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