20 Litre High Pressure Steel Gas Cylinders

Ordering Code: CYL20/300

Industrial and specialty gases are used in just about every sector of industry. iSubC Diving Equipment can supply high-pressure steel stand-alone cylinders suitable for breathing air, oxygen, mixed gas, nitrogen, helium or other gases.

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Manufacturing Standard : ISO 9809-1
Dimensions : 204mm OD x 855mm Length
Tare Weight (±5%) : 33.5 Kg
Material : 34CrMo4
Working Pressure : 300 bar
Hydraulic Test Pressure : 480 bar
Volumetric Capacity (nominal) : 20 Litres
Neck Thread Specification : 25E as per EN-629
Valve : Handwheel Operated Valve with BS3 Outlet
External Finish : Body painted in French grey with quartered white / black neck

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