10ft Containerized Dive Support Machinery Control Unit

Ordering Code: 10FT/MACH

Synergy’s 10ft Containerized Dive Support Machinery Control Unit is suitable for any type of diving spread. The unit contains one high-pressure and one low-pressure breathing air compressor, air quads and air management panel, which is designed to support the customers diving requirements. All equipment is purpose built into a 10ft DNV Offshore or into a standard ISO Container with full certification to IMCA guidelines and the entire system is witness tested by Bureau Veritas.

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  • 10ft Container – DNV or ISO Container as per Customer requirement
  • 1 x High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor – Bauer (Model as per client requirement)
  • 1 x Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressor – Quincy (Model as per client requirement)
  • 1 x Breathing Air Rack comprising of 8 x 50ltr 200 bar cylinders for Chamber or Diver Panel Supply
  • Air Management Panel (to supply air to DDC and Dive Panel) plumbed to penetration plate
  • Force Exhaust Fan for each Compressor
  • Removable Louvers for each Compressor
  • Intake Filters for each Compressor
  • IMCA D023 & D018 Compliant Certification Package
  • FMEA for complete system
  • Bureau Veritas Class witness testing certificate for entire system

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