C-Vision – Portable 2-Diver Video & Communication Surface Control Unit

The C-Vision is a superbly engineered, dual function video and communications systems for both inshore and offshore diving operations. The system allows both video and voice communication to be easily monitored and recorded in one easy to operate unit.

The portable surface control unit incorporates video and variable light controls for 2 divers and communications for 3 divers and a tender, all operated through a waterproof keyboard. The C-Vision is equipped with a 15.6” daytime viewing screen which offers excellent images of underwater operations. Advanced controls include video overlay and positioning, date outputs (LAN, AUX, USB & EXT AV OUT) and volume controls, all housed in a robust transport case. The components are carefully selected to minimise heat build-up, which allows the C-Vision SCU to operate in a range of temperatures and humid climates.

The C-Vision is available in both 2-wire or 4-wire (round robin) communications versions.

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CV2, CV2/M (Military Spec)

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