iSubC Cavit 350P Cavitation Cleaner

Ordering Codes: CAVIT-350P

iSubC Cavit 350P Petrol Cavitation Cleaner with 40m Hose and Short Cavitation Cleaning Gun. Unit provides 15lpm @ 130BAR. Includes genuine European spec Honda GX series recoil pull start engine, with low level oil alert, to protect the engine.

The chassis is laser cut, shot blasted, zinc undercoated and them powder coated.

The unit is manufactured with a speed reduction gearbox, which allows us to fit a large pump, run slowly, at the correct speed of 1450rpm (not a small pump run at three times this speed, at engine speed).

As the pump runs slowly, it can work effectively on suction from a tank of water or a bowser, or mains water. It is always best to run on mains water if possible, as this provides a positive suction head on the pump and clean water.

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  • Length : 740 mm
  • Width : 470 mm
  • Height : 655 mm
  • Weight : 37 kg
  • Fuel Consumption : 1.7 ltr/hr
  • Flow rate : 15 Ltrs/min
  • Pump Pressure : 130 bar

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Can be used with other CAVIT guns

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