Hydroweld FS – Wet Welding Electrodes

Product Codes : WELD0001/3.2-WELD0001/4.0

Hydroweld FS wet welding electrodes are the result of significant research and development into flux formulations, filler metals and supplementary coatings. They are designed to work in all positions in fresh water or brine to a depth of at least 100 metres, their outstanding user-friendly properties and wet welding characteristics, easily produce high quality wet welds to internationally recognised standards.

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Hydroweld FS have rapidly become the industry standard where high quality wet welding is required. They can meet the requirements of AWS D3.6M-99 class ‘A’ fillet wet welds as has been witnessed by Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV), Rina and Germanisher Lloyd (GL).

Hydroweld FS electrodes are available in 3.2 mm x 350 mm in boxes of 90 electrodes or 4.0 mm x 350 mm in boxes of 60 electrodes and/or cartons of 5 boxes which can be dispatched on the day of the order via a method to suit the clients’ requirements i.e. next day, 2 – 3-day delivery etc.

Classification AWS A5.35 US – UWE70XX-YZ / M – UWE49XX-YZ


  • General purpose wet welding electrodes
  • Enhanced rutile flux coated
  • Optimum size for easy manipulation
  • Each marked HYDROWELD FS
  • Simple to use in all positions
  • Easy to strike and re-strike
  • Smooth and easily maintained, clearly visible arc
  • High metal transfer efficiency
  • Excellent root penetration and sidewall fusion
  • Finely rippled, well-shaped beads
  • Self-releasing slag
  • Rapidly produce high quality wet welds to international standards


Undiluted Weld Metal

Mechanical Properties

Undiluted Weld Metal

Composition by % WT

UTS. 510 N/mm² C 0.1
YS. 460 n/mm² Mn 0.5
Elongation Av. 17% Si 0.43
Reduction in area 32% P 0.015
Av. Hardness 175 Hv10 Mo 0.01
CNV @0°C 55J 5 0.008
@-20°C 45J
@-30°C 32J

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WELD0001-3.2, WELD0001-4.0

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