Exodus Oxy Thermal Cutting Electrodes

Ordering Codes:  Length 18” – CUT3/8X18 & Length 36” – CUT3/8X36

Exodus Oxy Thermic Cutting Electrodes deliver an outstanding performance in the most challenging situations. The balanced physical and metallurgical construction guarantees an effortless (re)ignition of the electrode. Generating a constant extreme high temperature of around 6000°C the electrode will cut or melt nearly every material. The electrode can be used for both underwater and surface applications. Utilizing the electrode simply requires a proper industry standard underwater cutting torch, DC Welding Inverter, circuit breaker and an appropriate Oxygen source.

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The electrode can even be ignited using a 12V DC battery, even when current is off it will remain burning as long as a sufficient oxygen flow is maintained. However, when cutting conductive material, it is recommended to use amps to generate more heat and to enhance the cutting process (generally up to 150Amps)


  • Universal diameter of 3/8″(9.5mm)
  • Available in two lengths: 18″(46cm) and 36″(92cm)
  • Special tube coating for increased conductivity
  • Fast and easy (re)ignition.
  • Strong blue heat shrink tube for optimal safety and electrical insulation.

Exodus Oxy Thermic Cutting Electrodes are supplied in solid user-friendly plastic boxes of 58pcs (approx: 10.5kg) for the 18″ model and 50pcs (approx: 18kg) for the 36″ model.

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Length 18”, Length 36”

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