Commercial Delta Flex Semi-dry Wetsuit

Ordering Code: DELTA-FLEX

Comprising of a 5.5mm semi-dry steamer, 6.5mm shortie and a 5mm Supervent neoprene hood, the three-piece Delta Flex Semi-Tech offers year-round wetsuit diving and gives excellent thermal protection in single-figure water temperatures.

The anatomically designed Delta-Flex system can be worn with the steamer and shortie together for cold conditions, or if preferred these two garments can be worn separately for warmer dives.


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Both the steamer and shortie include Northern Diver’s Ti-Ax® Thermacote® heat reflecting lining and an anti-bacterial coating. To further boost its thermal qualities, the steamer features our unique Thermal Shield vest.

The suit is constructed from soft black superstretch neoprene, a wonderfully strong and supple neoprene with flexible qualities that assist with dressing and undressing.

The suit’s comfort factor is enhanced with the use of our acclaimed smooth skin neoprene for the wrist and ankle seals, complemented with zipped protective warmers. Seals are worn inverted to ensure suit “flushing” is kept to a minimum.


  1. Long john wetsuit
  2. Shortie wetsuit
  3. Separate hood


  • 5mm high quality neoprene
  • Rear entry plastic YKK vertical zip fitted with an extra long zip tape for ease of use
  • A small zip centre chest allows for easier access to your neck seal
  • Smooth skin neoprene neck, wrist and ankle seals
  • Wrist and ankles are fitted with a plastic YKK zipped protective cuff

Over printing on the shoulders helps kit grip and preve


  • 5mm high quality neoprene
  • A front entry YKK plastic zip positioned on a slight vertical angle and finishes with a Velcro tab to secure the zip in place when closed
  • Smooth skin seals
  • Over printing on the shoulders helps kit grip and prevent slipping


  • 5mm superstrech neoprene
  • Supervent on top of the head
  • Blind stitched and reinforced with additional bar tacs where required
  • Smooth skin lining inside


  • Complete 3-piece neoprene semi-dry wetsuit system
  • 5mm long john with Ti-Ax Thermacote titanium lining, integrated Thermal Shield vest and rear entry zip with smooth skin flush guard
  • 5mm neoprene shortie with Ti-Ax Thermacote titanium lining and front entry zip (including smooth skin flush guard)
  • All seams triple glued and blind stitched
  • Shortie can be worn over the long john for colder waters
  • Smooth skin wrist and ankle seals with protective zipped covers
  • 5mm separate supervent neoprene hood

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