2 Diver Electric Hot Water Machine

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The Synergy Bell Electric Water Heater is a compact, popular and ideal for diver heating applications.

The heater unit offers a high capacity heating solution in a robust stainless steel frame with a small footprint that makes effective use of available deck space. Five banks of individually switched heater elements heat the supply water up to 42°C (74°F) above the ambient or supply temperature and by selecting a suitable bank or combination of banks, basic water temperature control is achieved. The finer control of the output water temperature is accurately maintained to within ±1ºC of the required set point by an electronic controller actuated valve

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The unit features a positive displacement pump with a minimum delivery of 30 litres per minute at pressures that are adjustable up to 15 bar. The system can be used up to 200 fsw diving depth. Two water filters / strainers are provided to ensure continuous and trouble free pump operations. Analogue temperature and pressure gauges are fitted to the supply and delivery manifolds, for easy performance monitoring.

The unit is encased into a robust stainless steel offshore crash frame with 4 certified lifting points

Recommended Usage

  • Heating of air diver suit
  • Heating of Mix gas diver suit
  • Heating of Bell diving system
  • Backup or redundancy diver heating system
  • Backup or redundancy bell heating system



  1. Power requirements: 380/440V, 50/60Hz, 145/130A 3-Phase
  2. Main Fluid requirements – Sea Water at pressure ˃ 1 bar, ˃ 30 ltr/min
  3. Alternate Flushing Fluid Supply Fresh Water at pressure ˃ 1 bar, ˃30 ltr/min


  1. Fluid Temperature Heating range: 0°C – 42°C (above supply temperature)
  2. Fluid Delivery Temperature Set-Point Accuracy +1°C
  3. Fluid Delivery rate: 3- ltr/min approx at 15 bar pressure

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