2 x 2 DIVER Launch and Recovery Systems

Used Package LARS 2 x 2 Diver Pommec Lite Luffing LARS + HPUS’s and container (2 COMPLETE SYSTEMS)

Note the main picture is an example (blue frames are what we have for sale and currently packed away in conatiners)

Can be sold as seen or fully certified ready to work.

This 2 diver stackable Launch and Recovery System is specifically designed to provide an extreme compact option to the standard launch and
recovery systems on the market. This system is very easily transportable, it’s designed to fit 2 complete systems in a high cube 20”

Extensive use of high quality Stainless Steel makes this a system that is capable of withstanding the harsh environments of the sea. This realizes a
long lifespan and therefore better for the environment.

– Easily transportable and stackable system
– A-frame hydraulically controlled
– Stainless steel Control box mounted on platform
– Top mounted stainless steel hydraulic driven manrider winches
– Stainless Steel diver baskets
– Two diver capacity
– 2x fixating point for 50 Ltr cylinder on the basket
– Stainless steel Clump weight
– Built originally in compliance with IMCA D023, D018

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