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The UV40 underwater welding and cutting visor is an economical, lightweight, non-conductive, corrosion resistant visor designed to be used by professional divers in any depth of water (freshwater or brine/seawater).

The ergonomic design provides maximum protection of the face plate from spatter whilst minimising glare from the arc to the diver. This protection allows the diver to see the arc more clearly which can significantly improve welding or cutting performance and reduce eye strain, particularly during prolonged welding and cutting operations.

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The UV40 has an easy to operate flip up front screen which when flipped up allows the diver to clearly see the work in progress and carry out any remedial or relocation work if required.

Where full vision through the helmet face plate is required the visor can simply be ‘unhooked’ but remain attached to the helmet via the bungee to avoid loss until again required when it can easily be reinstalled by the diver underwater.

A unique feature of this visor is the ability for the flip up section to be removed for cleaning and/or replacement and the installation of an optional magnifying lens (Cheater lens). This magnifying lens aids those with reduced close-up vision to clearly see during either the welding and/or cutting operation and with the lens flipped up the results of the operation.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Non-Corrosive / conductive
  • Removes excessive glare
  • Allows rapid change of shaded lenses
  • Easily removed from the face plate when not required
  • Magnifying lenses can be installed
  • Fits most superlight helmets
  • UV40/18 fits most band masks
  • All parts are replaceable


Complete visor ready for immediate use with factory fitted EW 8* shade lens and clear lens protector and Used Guide
*Any 4 ¼” x 2” tinted shade will fit.

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