Stanley BR87 Underwater Breaker

Ordering Code: BR87320

The Stanley BR87 underwater breaker is the largest in the Stanley range and is used for the heaviest of breaking and for ground rod tasks.

The Br87 breaker is a heavy duty underwater tool for commercial diving work. It has a feathering on/off valve which makes start up and initial placement easy in addition the BR87 is capable of handling high back pressure, which is useful when using the long hoses typically used with underwater tools in the marine and offshore industry. The Stanley BR87 underwater hydraulic breaker powerful and reliable underwater breaker is typically used by commercial divers for tough jobs breaking concrete and rock as it has the ability to deal with the harsh condition of subsea work.

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  • T-Handle with large on/off trigger for precise control
  • Stainless Steel spool and fasteners
  • Diaphragm accumulator provides additional blow energy and reduces recoil
  • Feathering on/off valve allows easy initial tool bit placement
  • Four tie rod design for durability
  • Operates in any position
  • Modular design for ease of service
  • Latch retainer


Weight : 36 kg
Power Type : Hydraulic
Brand : Stanley
Capacity : 1100 bpm @ 30lpm
Fitting :  1” x 4-1/4” Hex
Hydraulic Flow lpm : 26-34
Optimum Flow : 30 lpm
Pressure : 105-140 bar
Coupling : Yes
Port Size : -8 SAE O Ring

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