Rapid Recovery System – Without Cylinder

The Rapid Recovery System is a self-contained system including an enclosed commercial or professional lift bag with a pocket to hold the necessary air cylinder to fully inflate the lift bag at 100ft of depth.


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products are manufactured with heavy-duty urethane coated nylon fabric. The nylon fabric has a breaking strength of over 1000 lbs. per inch, and the urethane coating is resistant to fuels and most petro-chemicals.

Safety and Ease-of Use Features:

RRS Includes:

  • Tank pocket
  • Inflation yoke with check valve and hose
  • Velcro valise to contain the bag
  • Optional remote actuation valve
  • Air cylinder optional—not included

The Subsalve Promise

  • Each Subsalve USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping
  • Custom sizes available
  • All Subsalve USA products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Department of Defense Standards.

Product Specifications

Model Lift Capacity Width Overall Height Packaged Cubic Dimensions Weight
RRS-100 120lb 16in 30in 14in x 10in x 6in 5lb
RRS-200 220lb 22in 36in 15in x 11in x 7in 7lb
RRS-500 550lb 29in 43in 15in x 11in x 7in 12lb
RRS-1000 1100lb 35in 56in 18in x 13in x 10in 17lb
RSS-2000 2200lb 44in 63in 20in x 15in x 9.5in 30lb
RSS-100 55kg 0.41m 0.77m 0.36m x 0.26m x 0.15m 2.27kg
RSS-200 100kg 0.56m 0.92m 0.38m x 0.28m x 0.18m 3.18kg
RSS-500 250kg 0.74m 1.07m 0.38m x 0.28m x 0.18m` 5.45kg
RSS-1000 500kg 0.90m 1.44m 0.46m x 0.33m x 0.26m 7.7kg
RSS-2000 1000kg 1.13m 1.62m 0.51m x 0.38m x 0.29m 13.6kg

Additional information

55 kg, 100 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg

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