Versatile and easy-to-use, these enclosed-bottom, parachute-shape under water lift bags with a single attachment point are essential in construction, heavy and light salvage and many other offshore tasks.

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  • Urethane-coated nylon—high-strength and heavy-duty
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to most petro-chemicals
  • UV-resistant
  • Low maintenance requirements and easy to clean
  • RF welded seams

Easy to use

  • Below 2 tons
  • Multiple nylon lift straps sewn directly to bottom of lift bag, which bears load and provides safe working ratio of 6:1.
  • 2 tons and over
  • Designed with a replaceable heavy-duty nylon webbing lift harness fabricated into the skin of the bag, which bears the load and provides a safe working ratio of 6:1.
  • Fitted with a 3/4″ NPT inflation port with quick disconnect or cam lock fitting and a 3/4″ stainless steel ball valve for rapid deflation.

Multiple Applications

  • “Inverted water droplet” design facilitates maximum lift capacity with least possible
  • weight, with stress distributed evenly over the fabric surface.
  • Able to be pre-inflated when necessary
  • Will not dump air if the bag breaks the surface of the water
  • Pressure relief valves at the bottom of the bag avoid over pressurization of the lift bag
  • Equipped with all the necessary hardware and ready for immediate use.

The Subsalve Promise

  • Each Subsalve USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • All Subsalve USA products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Department of Defence Standards.

Product Specifications

Model Lift Capacity Diameter Overall Height Packaged Cubic Dimensions Weight
PFE-1000 1100lb 35in 56in 18in x 13in x 10in 17lb
PFE-2000 2200lb 44in 63in 20in x 15in x 9.5in 30lb
PFE-4000 4400lb 54in 94in 24in x 24in x 24in 50lb
PFE-6000 6600lb 61in 108 41in x 41in x 8in 80lb
PFE-10000 10200lb 72in 116in 41in x 41in x 12in 105lb
PFE-12000 12200lb 70in 130in 41in x 41in x 12in 125lb
PFE-20000 22000lb 93in 93in 146in x 48in x 18in 190lb
PFE-40000 44000lb 120in 201in 41in x 48in x 24in 325lb
PFE-70000 77000lb 144in 258in 41in x 48in x 38in 410lb
PFE-100000 107000lb 166in 316in 40in x 50in x 54in 525lb
PFE-1000 500kg 0.90m 1.44m 0.46m x 0.33m x 0.26m 7.7kg
PFE-2000 1000kg 1.13m 1.62m 0.51m x 0.38m x 0.29m 13.6kg
PFE-4000 2000kg 1.38m 2.41m 0.61m x 0.61m x 0.61m 22.7kg
PFE-6000 3000kg 1.56m 2.77m 1.04m x 1.04m x 0.21m 36.3kg
PFE-10000 4600kg 1.83m 2.95m 1.04m x 1.04m x 0.25m 47kg
PFE-12000 5500kg 1.79m 3.33m 1.04m x 1.04m x 0.31m 56.7kg
PFE-20000 10000kg 2.38m 4.10m 1.04m x 1.23m x 0.46m 86.2kg
PFE-40000 20000kg 3.07m 6.16m 1.04m x 1.23m x 0.62m 147.7kg
PFE-70000 35000kg 3.69m 6.77m 1.04m x 1.23m x 97m 186.9kg
PFE-100000 48500kg 4.22m 8.03m 1.02m x 1.27m x 1.37m 238kg

Additional information

500 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 3000 kg, 4600 kg, 5500 kg, 10000 kg, 20000 kg, 35000 kg, 48500 kg

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