HUW150 Underwater Magnetic Drill

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The HUW150 underwater magnetic drill is a drilling / broaching machine with a mechanically operated magnetic base.

The HUW150 Drill is a drilling/broaching machine which has been designed and developed to meet the demands of the offshore underwater industry. This unique machine uses hydraulic power and a mechanically operated base magnet which locks the machine down to the structure being drilled.

It is capable of drilling clean, accurate holes up to 76mm diameter in metal up to 2″ thick, using well-proven broaching cutter technology to maximise potential drilling power and speed. Design for use with standard or tungsten carbide cutters. We can offer upgraded units with the capability of drilling up to 100mm diameter holes. This hydraulically driven broaching drill is ideally suited to drilling larger diameter holes in tanks, steel structures and other applications.

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  • Hydraulic motor for underwater applications
  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion
  • Mechanically activated permanent magnetic base
  • Drill chuck attachment available
  • Powerful and secure magnetic hold


Weight : 21 kg
Power Type : Hydraulic
Capacity  : 76mm Diameter
Fitting : 19mm
Hydraulic Flow lpm   : 10-50
Pressure  : 160
Coupling  : Yes

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