The DMAC 015 Rev 4 (Dec 2014) is a guidance document by The Diving Medical Advisory Committee, which is associated with the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association), that provides recommendations on the types of medical equipment and supplies to be held on a dive site. See full details of our DMAC medical kit below.

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DMAC Medical Kit

A DMAC 015 kit is a complete DMAC medical kit suitable for the treatment of diving related disorders on the surface or in a re-compression chamber, and for other potential problems (eg. trauma) which may occur during diving operations.

The DMAC Medical Kit takes into account situations where the diving operation may be remote from a vessel or installation sickbay and medical services. It includes equipment for use in an immediate first aid situation, and equipment which may be used by personnel with advanced first aid training

All the kits are compartmentalised into waterproof Para bags which are specific for each medical intervention.

The defibrillator is full automated for ease of use and comes complete with chest pads

The kits are packed into a wheeled Peli case for ease of transport.

The SHPL and Chamber kits are packed into waterproof bags which make them very practical for storage.

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