Containerized Decompression Chamber with Machinery Control

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Synergy provide both fixed and mobile Diving Chambers used for standards in the Subsea Industry. Fabricated and assembled to the highest quality, Synergy diving chamber are used as essential equipment for all types of subsea operations from dive support vessels to salvage and research vessels. Synergy have the engineering capacity to build any type of diving decompression chamber along with all the relative equipment to meet the clients requirements. We offer a comprehensive solution, conforming to all of the latest international standards. We offer various options in the nature of build for the containerized DDC units, and bespoke solutions for any type of client needs.

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Synergy Model 2 DDC consists of:

  • 20ft DNV or 20ft ISO Shipping Container partitioned into two-compartments

Compartment 1

  • Diving Decompression Chamber – 60”/1500mm diameter, Twin Lock

(Entry / main lock, automatic medical lock), fire-retarded gloss paint finish

  • Chamber complete internal and external fit-out
  • Chamber control panel, including O₂, CO₂ and ambient atmosphere O₂ analyser
  • Breathing mask – Chamber Operator – provided with connection to DDC BA supply line
  • UPS – provided for chamber with charger

Compartment 2

  • High Pressure Electric Breathing Air Compressor – Bauer (any Model can be provided)
  • Breathing Air Rack consisting of 24 x 50ltr, 200 bar cylinders plumbed to air to Chamber
  • Air Management Panel – to supply air and LP regulated air to Chamber
  • IMCA D023 & D018 Compliant Certification Package
  • FMEA for complete system
  • Bureau Veritas Class Witness Testing Certificate for entire system

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