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The super-flexible, low diameter, comms rope is ideal for commercial divers using full-face masks such as AGA Divator masks. The comms rope is interwoven is such a way that the strain is not put on the 4-communication wire but onto the rope, reducing the breakage potential of the comms wires. The rope also provides extra safety as a recovery line while also used to communicate with the surface using pull signals. The comms rope can be terminated with any electrical connector, but is normally stocked with the ‘marsh marine style’ of 4 pin connector.

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Inner core

4-core in the following configuration, 2x 0.5mm²

Conductor linear resistance 41 Ω/km max at 20°C

Monofilament polyethylene cover


Multifilament Polypropylene, Yellow Braid with Black Fleck

Diameter: 10mm

Operating temperature

-10 to +60°C

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