Apeks Manifold Switching Block

Ordering Code:  AP0281

The Apeks Switch Block can be used with any diving full face mask or helmet with a Medium Pressure (i.e. less than 16 bar / 232 psi) air supply.

The switch block allows the diver to switch from the primary air supply to an alternate bailout air supply (or Emergency Gas Supply – EGS), in case of failure of the primary supply. The primary supply maybe a surface-supply umbilical or bailout cylinder.

The switch block is attached to the diver’s harness in an easily accessible location so the diver can open the Switch Block valve unaided and in nil visibility conditions.

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The AP0281/G Switch Block only has been CE certified by DNV-GL Det Norske Veritas-Germanischer Lloyd SE, Brooktorkai 18, 20457 Hamburg, Germany Notified Body number 0098 and has been found to be in accordance with the requirements of Council Directive 89/686/EEC.

When examined the product satisfied the requirements of the manufacturer’s technical specifications (based upon BS EN 153333 reqirements), which has been previously assessed and deemed to meet the basic health and safety requirements (Annex II) of the directive.

The CE certified depth of 50 m (165 ft) is a standard maximum certification depth for diving equipment that is used to provide a uniform benchmark for measuring performance.

Switch Block Mount included.

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