Custom IMCA D023 Diver Panel With Comms and CCTV

iSubC recently supplied a custom manufactured Two Diver, Compact Air Diving Panel for a mobile dive van in the UK, which also included lightweight composite cylinders.

The Diving Panel was manufactured with the following:

Marine grade 5mm thick aluminum panel, powder coated to a GREY finish and mounted on a painted steel frame
Each diver is provided individually with one HP line and a common low pressure line
All flow lines for each diver are colour coded with BLUE lines for Diver 1 & RED lines for Diver 2
Each divers depth/ pneumo gauge has its own calibration point, so that the gauges do not need to be removed for calibration and testing can be done in situ
Each diver has an individual oxygen analyzer with high low alarm, with individual flow meters
Pressure gauges for indication of incoming HP supplies for each diver
High pressure regulators for each diver – High pressure air is regulated at panel, and air for the common LP line (needs to be regulated at Source)
Indicating Pressure gauges for pneumo gauges
Indicating Pressure gauges for regulated air from HP regulators
Indicating Pressure gauges showing downstream pressure to the divers umbilical
Flow restrictors are provided as per latest IMCA guidelines on all downstream lines to the divers


Diver Communication

1 x Amron Two diver Air Radio with ac/dc power supply is provided in-built into the diving panel, complete with push to talk microphone. Mounted at head height, it is easy to access for the diving supervisor, and to use the push to talk, to operate in sitting position.

Underwater Diver CCTV system

Diver 1 & Diver 2 are both provided with underwater CCTV systems inbuilt into the panel, which consists of Surface control unit with video/light control including video time/date typewriter for editing and a flexible keyboard

A 15.5”Waterproof TFT high definition monitor is provided for each video feed for each diver

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements